YPTransitd - something new is in the air

Well, I'm discovering this project all over new. I have had nothing to do with the previous owner until the night when he agreed to hand over the project to me, pretty much lock, stock, and barrel.

So - here I am, with a project that I have to learn about, and code I have to fix and add to.

This daemon was (and is being written) in order to migrate a large install base of UNIX systems utilizing NIS to an LDAP based solution, eventually facilititing a migration of all corporate services that rely on similar data to LDAP.

This (and future) LDAP related tools are being released under the BSD License (with advertising clause). You might be interested in LAST, an LDAP administration tool written by Adam, at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/last. LAST is licensed under the GPL

Please understand that the project is, at best, a beta. The previous author did his best to eliminate bugs and provide a well written piece of software, but some things just aren't implemented yet, and this may not even be readily configurable to work with your schema. Give us time, or better yet, code

There is no documentation yet, the previous author did not have the time

Mind you, when I figure out what it all does, you'll be getting documentation

This program acts as an NIS service, gathering information from various plugin modules accessing backend services - at the moment, as far as I know, LDAPv2 is somewhat supported. Guess I'll be changing this as soon as I can get my head around BOTH concepts.

Over the next few days, I will be going over the source code and working out what it all does, and seeing whether I can make any obvious changes straight away. The previous author gave this project as he was completely bored with it and wanted to drop the project in a bucket and forget it ever existed.

However, I decided it'd be a great challenge to learn about something I have no experience in, and thereby gain the experience. So -
Wish me luck.

More news at ten.

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